Welcome to PrayerTracker! PrayerTracker is an interactive website that provides churches, Sunday School classes, and other organizations an easy way to keep up with their prayer requests. It is provided at no charge, as a ministry and a community service.

What Does It Do?

PrayerTracker has what you need to make maintaining a prayer request list a breeze. Some of the things it can do...

  • It drops old requests off the list automatically. Requests other than “Long-Term Requests” requests will expire at 14 days, though this can be changed by the organization. This expiration is based on the last update, not the initial request. (And, once requests do “drop off”, they are not gone - they may be recovered if needed.)
  • Requests can be viewed any time. Lists can be made public, or they can be secured with a password, if desired.
  • Lists can be e-mailed to a pre-defined list of members. This can be useful for folks who may not be able to write down all the requests during class, but want a list so that they can pray for them the rest of week. E-mails are sent individually to each person, which keeps the e-mail list private and keeps the messages from being flagged as spam.
  • The look and feel of the list can be configured for each group. All fonts, colors, and sizes can be customized. This allows for configuration of large-print lists, among other things.

How Can Your Organization Use PrayerTracker?

Like God's gift of salvation, PrayerTracker is a free for the asking for any church, Sunday School class, or other organization who wishes to use it. If your organization would like to get set up, just e-mail Daniel and let him know.

Do I Have to Register to See the Requests?

This depends on the group. Lists can be configured to be password-protected, but they do not have to be. If you click on the “View Request List” link above, you will see a list of groups - those that do not indicate that they require logging in are publicly viewable.

How Does It Work?

Check out the “Help” link above - it details each of the processes and how they work.